Anna & Will | Wedding | Sleepy Hollow | Clemson, SC


I am so excited to FINALLY get this wedding on the blog. Anna and Will had such a beautiful day. I felt so welcomed by their families and friends which is always a huge plus when being part of someone's special day. As you look through these photos first you will see how beautiful of a couple they are, second they have big bridal parties because they are so loved and third their ceremony was so gratifying to GOD. A moment I loved from this day was when Anna & Will read letters to each other on the other side of a tree, because Will kept saying “I want to look, I want to see her” but had to restrain himself. How sweet is that, he wanted so bad to see his bride he barely trusted himself not to look! Something else that was really special is Anna had her dad both walk her down the aisle and officiate the ceremony, and it was so much more intimate that way. Lastly the reception was full of so much laughter and joy and I wish I could bottle it all up, but instead, I got to freeze just a few moments of it. One being Anna’s mom and her best friends singing and dancing to Dancing Queen as Anna joined in, Oh and the lovely boy back up dancers. It was such a great day and I am beyond grateful to have been able to capture just a few of these special moments.

Venue: Sleepy Hollow

Flowers & Decor : Andrea Seemuller Floral Designs

Also Shoutout to my second shooter: Riley Lovorn

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