“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” -Robert Frank

 My Photography

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Photography to me is an art. It is a way of freezing moments in time that become life time memories. I want my photos to capture the real you, the you that laughs, cries, crinkles your nose, and loves deeper than most. I want you to look back at your photos and remember how you felt in that moment and to have those feelings bubbling up again years down the road. I believe that your story should be told in the most beautiful and fun way. For me that is through photography and making those photos hold every ounce of emotion. To capture the authentic you I try to embrace the awkward moments that turn into laughs and at times step back and let you create your own moments.  If you are looking for the extra perfect, over directed, and everything in place type photos I might not be the photographer for you. I want your experience to be fun and everything you hoped for, and that means choosing the right photographer for you! The more adventurous, fun and spontaneous, the better! Up for an adventure? click the contact button below or contact tab above!   

 $150 individual sessions 

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There is Special pricing for elopements & intimate destination weddings!             (these are my dream weddings! so let's do it!)

If you are up for being vulnerable, real and adventurous let's talk! I would love to be apart of your most special moments!

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to have pictures of special moments. So if you for whatever reason have a financial issue contact me, tell me your story, and we might can make something happen. Do understand this is for people in real need. I understand photography can get expensive, but this is also my lively-hood and how I sustain myself.